Sotol Coyote Blanco Chihuahua

Sotol Blanco

Coyote // Chihuahua, Mexico

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With inspiration from the region’s native coyotes, these sotols are made from wild agaves that are hand harvested after maturing in an organic setting — they can take up to 15 years for full maturation. The resulting plants are cooked in underground clay ovens before being hand-ground and eventually distilled on a homemade copper pot-still. At no point in the process are any colorants or additives used.

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    Distilled from the Dasylirion wheeleri (aka desert spoon). Technically not an agave. Must be distilled in the Mexican states of Coahuila, Chihuahua, or Durango. Unaged.
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Tasting Notes

"This wild spirit has a fairly intense nose of cantaloupe, iodine, green grass, and a wisp of smoke. The palate is mineral and densely structured but carries its high ABV with an admirable amount of grace. There is a bit of a fibrous, earthy flavor that builds up before untangling to a long, moderately spicy finish. Certainly a delicious sipping spirit that shows the intense nature of the desert from which it comes. "

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Flavor Profile

Umami & Earthy