Stovell's Wildcrafted Gin

Distilled Gin

Stovell's // England

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Chef Fernando Stovell opened his restaurant, Stovell, in Surrey, England in 2012. Teaming up with bar manager Geyan Surendran and restaurant manager Cameron Bownes, Stovell created and release his restaurant's own version of gin, Stovell's Wildcrafted Gin. This gin is made with a neutral wheat spirit and 21 botanicals - juniper, angelica root and seed, alexander's seed, wild licorice, sweet flag, oak moss, bilberries, haw berries, wild rosehips and petals, lemon balm, meadowsweet, woodruff, nettles, wild fennel, lovage, chamomile flowers, elderflowers, red clover flowers, and local honey - that are all sustainably foraged. These botanicals are vacuumed distilled with the wheat spirit. The gin is then rested a few weeks before being bottled at 42% ABV.

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  • Distilled Gin
    This style of gin takes a neutral spirit and then adds juniper berries and other natural flavorings before it is re-distilled. After distillation, additional flavors (artificial or natural) and sweeteners may be added.
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