Taildragger Coffee Rum

Flavored Rum

Tailwinds Distilling // USA

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Tailwinds Distilling, founded in Illinois by brothers Toby and Jamey Beall, uses first-boil molasses instead of the blackstrap variety to create an American rum that is somewhat akin to the freshness of an agricole. Taildragger Coffee Rum is made with freshly roasted Two Brothers Coffee Roasters Ethiopian Blend Coffee that is added to Taildragger White Rum and blended for several days.

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    Rum that has been flavored, either naturally or artificially, with the predominant flavor(s) stated on the label.
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Tasting Notes

"The rum flavors are somewhat muted by the coffee, but hey, this is pretty great coffee. So it has that going for it. Only a hint of the vanilla and toffee notes of the white rum shine through. However, as a coffee liqueur made from a rum base, this works well, and has a smooth, sweet finish. It would be an excellent ingredient for coffee cocktails."

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