The Feathery Blended Malt Scotch

Blended Malt

The Feathery // Scotland

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The Feathery, from the bottlers of Pig's Nose and Sheep Dip blends, is named for the 17th century precursor to the golf ball, which was crafted from feathers, tar and bird skin to make it more effective. However, it was also more expensive to make, and two "spotters" were required when a game of golf was played to ensure the balls weren't lost. This malt is blended from 3 malts - Tamdu, Glengoyne and Glendronach - all aged exclusively in ex-sherry casks for 8-10 years.

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  • Blended Malt
    Comprised of malted whisk(e)y from two or more distilleries; aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, must be aged for at least three years.
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Tasting Notes

"On the nose is the distinct aroma of orange oil and candle wax. Toffee, butterscotch, gingerbread and grapefruit peel add some complexity to the palate, along with cola spices and honeysuckle. Finishes with a bit of heat, and is best with a drop or two of water."

Score 86

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Full Bodied

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