Tondeña Gold Manila Rum

Gold Rum

Ginebra San Miguel // Philippines

  1. Mr-fancypants

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Not good. 1st, would recommend Kirkland's dark 1.75 or largo bay from total wine. About same price, way better buy. But, wanted to try something from Philippines considering that I loved everything I ate, and drank over there. BTW. Adobo is awesome! Price is ok Suger is low Very sharp, so you are going to lose some cells on your tongue - not as bad as biiju, but think to a bit smoother than absolute. After taste is mild on Carmel, and vanilla, nothing else, for a gold; think like it is a Blanco tequila. Overall, can spend your money better, and I bought it as a "screw it, lets try it." Go heavy with lime, and Coke, or fruit juice. If want a better sip rum, El Dorado 12yr, or Bobouncout (sp) 8yr is a better buy at l around $18-24.
    15.99 USD per Bottle
    Los Angeles
  2. 702Len

    2.0 out of 5 stars
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