Vecchia Romagna Classica Brandy

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Vecchia Romagna // Italy

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Vecchia Romagna traces its roots to 1820 when Jean Bouton, a French immigrant from a family of cognac producers, arrived in the Bologna region of Italy to set up his own distillery. He came to favor using the Trebbiano wine grapes that grew throughout the region for production of brandy. This grape variety is still used today in the production of Vecchia Romagna Classica. Following distillation, the brandy is aged for at least one year in American oak casks before being bottled in its distinctive triangular-shaped vessel at 40% ABV.

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  • Other Brandy
    Brandy distilled from any type of fruit-based wine produced anywhere in the world. Not referring to any of the designated or protected areas such as Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, etc.
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    American oak

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