Wigle's Barrel-Rested Ginever


Wigle // Pennsylvania, USA

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Produced by Wigle Distillery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this organic genever-style gin is made from an heirloom grain mash of locally sourced rye, wheat and malted barley. The botanicals used are also organic and include juniper berries, cardamom, cubeb, and lavender. True to its Dutch origins, the gin is distilled in a copper-pot still, before it is barrel-rested and bottled at 47% ABV.

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    Produced outside of the designated areas allowed for genever (Netherlands, Belguim, and specific areas of France and Germany). These products are produced in the style of genever using a malt-wine as its base, but the amount isn't regulated. Aging is not required, but is allowed. Not a legally recognized category.
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