Xoriguer Gin de Mahón

Gin de Mahón

Xoriguer // Menorca, Spain

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Gin de Mahón (Gin of Mahon) is a style of gin whose production is limited to Spanish island of Menorca. Gin first became popular in Menorca during the 18th century, when the island and its largest town, Mahón, served as a British naval colony and base. Gin continued to remain popular after Spain took over the island. Gin Xoriguer (the only gin product made on the island) was created by Miquel Pons Justo, who named the gin after the old mill the family has used to make flour. Today, the Pons family continues to oversee production of the gin. The gin begins with a base spirit made from distilled grape wine. The spirit is then infused with different botanicals, the recipe (other than juniper berries) and infusion process remaining a closely guarded family secret. The gin is then matured in American oak barrels before bottling. (41% ABV in the States, 38% elsewhere).

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  • Gin de Mahón
    This style of gin is only made on the island of Mallorca, Spain and holds one of three Geographical Designations for gin. It is a grape-based, rather than a grain-based, spirit flavored with juniper and other botanicals.
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    American oak barrels

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"Spain is famous for its Gin and Tonics, and this gin seems perfectly suited to that drink. Bold with earthy, pleasantly bitter juniper up front, the rest of the botanicals lend harmonious support without standing out individually. It's a strong, assertive gin, made to stand up in cocktails."

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