Xoriguer Gin de Mahón

Gin de Mahón

Xoriguer // Menorca, Spain

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Gin de Mahón is a style of gin limited to the Spanish island of Menorca. Xoriguer, pronounced "sho-ri-gar" means "windmill" which the founder named for his family's windmill. Production of the gin includes a direct-fire copper pot still and juniper which "age" for 2 years near the harbour. The base of the gin is made from wine using parellada and xarel-lo grapes from the Penedès region known for its cava. Other production details and ingredients remain a closely guarded family secret. Xoriguer Gin de Mahón matures in American oak barrels before bottling. (41% ABV in the States, 38% elsewhere).

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  • Gin de Mahón
    This style of gin is only made on the island of Mallorca, Spain and holds one of three Geographical Designations for gin. It is a grape-based, rather than a grain-based, spirit flavored with juniper and other botanicals.
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    American oak barrels

Tasting Notes

"Spain is famous for its GinTonia, and Xoriguer gin seems perfectly suited to that drink. Bold with earthy, pleasantly bitter juniper up front, the rest of the botanicals lend harmonious support without standing out individually. It's a strong, assertive gin, made to stand up in cocktails."

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