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Yuzuri Yuzu Liqueur

Fruit Liqueurs

Yuzuri // Japan

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Yuzuri Yuzu Liqueur is a citrus liqueur made from Japanese yuzu fruit which is harvested once a year in the late fall. The base spirit is made from 100% rice and groundwater from the island of Kyushu. Sugar beets and Australian sugarcane are added to the yuzu to balance the tartness of the fruit. Bottled at 60 proof.

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  • Fruit Liqueurs
    Fruit(s) is the the dominant flavor for the liqueur. Often, but not always, the primary fruit flavor will be listed on the bottle. And sometimes the fruit will be listed in French. The base spirit is often neutral spirit, but other liquors such as brandy can be used. Sugar is added before bottling. ABV varies widely.
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