Redbreast Lustau Edition

Single Pot Still — Ireland

3.5 out of 5 stars
RBL a delightful marriage between a bourbon cask and oloroso sherry cask—should make for an interesting blend of sweet/fruit/spice—the bottle is finished in the Lustau Sherry cask for an additional year. The aromatics—a surprisingly sweet nose that is accompanied by notes of dates/figs, and a rich sweet aroma are really forward for a very simple aroma, but lacks the depth and complexity of the RB12. The taste—this taste is very different from the aromatics, the spice is forward and rich, delicate notes of figs coat the tongue and enrich the experience, but surprisingly there’s not a whole lot coming out in the first few drams. Although the bite is pleasant making for an easy drink, it hasn’t offered much in terms of finish. At this point, the Lustau was a bit of a disappointment, although I try not to let anticipation influence my review, I really expected those notes of sherry and bourbon cask to be noticeable and discernible, but at this moment it was balanced but completely flat in terms of taste, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it tastes good, but the experience was left to be desired.
58.0 USD per Bottle