Clynelish 14 Year

Peated Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

Tasted February 8, 2021
3.75 out of 5 stars
Before even getting into this dram the first thing I’m noticing is the legs, which I don’t usually pay attention to but from first swirl this looks like it might be good. The nose is firmly in highland territory, with bold scents of honey, malted grain, and just a hint of fruity sweetness in the background. While this is not coloring outside of any lines, the other adjective that comes to mind is creamy. The whole thing is so smooth and rounded; more so then some comparable pours. The palate is similar in that texture, soft and sweet up front with that bright honey, then the expected barely comes in and makes itself known for a good length of time. Then there is an earthy note that is probably supposed to be peat, but it’s so mild I can barely find it. Just when I think I’ve separated it from the malt, a splash of baking spice and oak take over and take me to the finish line. Finish is medium long, hanging out in the back of the throat with some warm ethanol, a touch of spice and then some smoke, almost as if it knew I was going to complain about this not being peaty/smoky enough. Overall this whisky smells & tastes like quality. It didn’t take me off any beaten paths, but it ticks every box for a solid, delicious pour of scotch.
16.0 CAD per Pour