Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select No. 001

Bourbon — Kentucky , USA

Tasted February 10, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Open 1 month Nose - Peanut brittle, vanilla, grainy rye spice, candied or artificial cherries, prominent oak and ethanol notes. Palate - Caramel, salted peanuts, cherry bubble gum, cinnamon bun, hints of grain and grass. Medium finish with hot dry oak tannins, rye spice, and lingering notes of caramel, cinnamon, and peanut shells. My friend picked this up in Texas during the holidays at a solid price. When we first cracked it, we thought it was a harsh dud during a night of tasting. Give it a week or two and it opens up nicely. I still don't like regular Bulleit, but this and their Single Barrel have been excellent. This blend is also listed as 9 years old, and I think it compares favorably with Knob Creek Small Batch and Four Roses Single Barrel at this price point.
41.99 USD per Bottle
  • BDanner
    February 10, 2021

    I almost picked up the 10 year (on sale this month in NC). I forget about Bulleit.