Teeling Single Grain Whiskey

Single Grain — Ireland

Tasted February 20, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
This is sample number three from the Teeling Trinity Pack. The single malt was a bit messy and the small batch was a sweet recovery, but still not one I would seek out. Let's see how the third lands. Nose is faintly sweet. The corn is obvious, but there is also a lingering maple syrup quality. First sip definitely brings more to the table than the lithe Trinity Pack offerings. There is predominantly sweet corn and honey in this one. A gentle warming cinnamon burn fades to a sweet marzipan finish. Overall this is a really nice dram. Unlike the rest of the Trinity sampler I would grab a bottle of this one to keep around. A little different than your general Irish Whiskey, but I like the variety.