FEW Bourbon

Bourbon — Illinois, USA

1.0 out of 5 stars
i really wanted to like this one. especially at its 55.00 price point. they use a really pretty and expensive looking bottle that makes you think you are getting your money's worth. unfortunately, i have to say the flavor profile is very flat and lacks any semblance of complexity. it tastes like a cheap 1 year old bourbon or perhaps a vodka with some interesting notes. it would be a steal at 12.00/bottle. i wish i could say i liked it. this just seems like a company jumping on bourbon band wagon with no intention of producing a good product. in summary, this product is overpriced crap. pretty bottle, high price point, cheap product. don't waste your money. if you wan't something from outside of Kentucky that has value, go buy a bottle of Widow Jane instead. They should be shot for this desecration of the spirit variety. there are lots of brands of bourbon in this price point that have value. this one.....does not.
  • Holdtheice

    Fully agree with you, old grand dad has more complexity and flavor at that