Amrut Single Cask Peated Barley Port Pipe

Single Malt — India

4.0 out of 5 stars
It's Friday, which means whiskey day!! I just opened a new bottle this evening, and was in the mood for something Asian. Amrut hails from Bangalore, India (yes---whiskey is made there, not just software code). I love the color of this malt. Very autumn-y. Bronze, almost red. Wondering if color is added,or if it's truly an effect of the port pipes. Anyway---let's taste this. Nose is incredible! Red fruits, peaty, but not Islay peaty. Something else. Wonder how they got that? There are no peat bogs near Bangalore. The taste---Sweet Christmas! ( yes---I've been binge watching Luke Cage). This is strong. Definately needs to be tamed with some ice or water. Intense heat and burn, but not an ethanol burn. More Asian pepper burn. Green Cardamom pods. Every Amrut I've ever had has a faint cardamom taste to it. I swear, there has to be a cardamom field next to this distillery. I'm going to Bangalore in December for business---I'm actually going to make a personal mission of mine to see if there is a cardamom farm next to this distillery. Anyway--- Finish is loooong. And hot. Let it breathe for while like a good red Cabernet. And add ice. (2009 Single cask 2697, 61% ABV)