The Kincardine 7 Year

Blended — Multiple Countries

5.0 out of 5 stars
As any Amrut fan will tell you, 7 years for Amrut is not young. As a huge fan of the Indian malt I was ecstatic with all the tropical and cola flavors, but it had a subtlety with the macallan and glen Elgin that really smoothed out all the rough brashness Amrut can deliver in its own. To me it's a really cool idea and I was all over it. I think any Amrut fan should check this out for themselves if you want something unique.
  • Devkle

    It was $200 CAD. So not bad really. Only 800 bottles though.

  • PBMichiganWolverine

    Combining an Amrut with Macallan is brilliant. Keep the Amrut's aggressiveness, but add a bit of finesse. This must be expensive though. A 7 yr Amrut doesn't happen regularly in that Bangalore climate