The Feathery Blended Malt Scotch

Blended Malt — Scotland

3.0 out of 5 stars
The Bottle: Ian MacLeod Distillers struck a handsome note with this one. There's some artistic whimsy with the font choice and some good information on the label. Sadly, they don't tell us which single malts are used, but there's a few sites out there(Distiller included) that tell you what's really inside. All-in-all, it looks good on the shelf. In the Glass: Burnished bronze. I can't tell if there's E150 caramel in this or not. Given that all of the constituent malts are heavily sherried, you wouldn't think so....but unless it's addressed on the label, you just can't be sure. On the Nose: Sweet sherry and candlewax. A touch of orange and some dark fruit compote play in with a bit of alcohol nip (which makes me think that the malts in here are not terribly old). Taste: This has a surprisingly dry arrival, but with a honeyed development and a sweet finish. The sherry shows up in the development and rides a nice long wave through the finish, which is dominated by leather notes that turn slightly bitter at the tail end. It reminds me a touch of the Tobermory 15 in the way that the sherry presents itself. There's some nip on this, even at 40% so a few drops of water may be called for. This is a highly approachable blend of sherried, Highland malts that isn't overly complicated. You should let it sit for a few minutes, but there's only so much that this one is going to open. I've never tasted the constituent malts on their own, so I'm not sure who's leading this particular dance; but the song isn't bad at all.
  • Rick_M

    If it's coming in hot at 40%, then you're not drinking enough whisky. If nothing comes in hot, then you're drinking too much. Better to be in the middle somewhere. :)