Bruichladdich 1985/32 Bourbon: Hidden Glory

Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

5.0 out of 5 stars
[LOOK] Blush rosé [NOSE] Plum skins, drying figs, touch of sherry rancio, cerezas negras, wildflower honey, real inviting acidity [PALATE] Honeysuckle explosion balanced by apricot purée, stone fruit juice, honeycomb, and well maintained saddle leather, incredible movement from sweet fruit to acids to supported dry notes of gentle leather and beeswax [FINISH] Sweet, grape-y, medium length, clean, no heat, faint wet stone, Riesling-y, alpine spring water minerals, delightful [MOUTHFEEL] This whiskey sings at such a low proof, never is there a sense that it is out of balance or lacking any essential quality, the acidity is superbly well integrated with the latent fruitiness of the malt, fruit esters, and overall sweetness, devastating to learn there are only 4200 bottles
  • kyle_brady

    had to pick this up as a birth-year bottle, with Bruichladdich being one of my favorite distilleries in the world (sipping on Octomore now in fact). Not sure when I'll decide to crack it open but glad to hear it's that good, as the obscene price clearly demands. cheers to you!