Bunnahabhain 8 Year The MacPhail's Collection (Gordon & MacPhail)

Peated Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

3.0 out of 5 stars
Age: 8 years Alcohol: 43% Paid: $42 I’m sorry, but Bunnahabhain to me should always be well sherried and briney – like taking Glendronach and blending it with Old Pulteney. This G&M young, peated ex-sherry Bunna is nothing like the house style, and, I must say, is disappointing even at its low price and no frills independent bottling. Gordon & MacPhail is not exactly your precious snowflake of an independent bottler that needs our support or protection. They put out more bottles than many Scottish distilleries, and I fully expect them to shrug every now and again, and just put out mediocre, generic stuff. This is a generic dram that was bottled too immature, and without a real purpose. It’s flat cereal, flat fruits, with peat that’s not particularly interested in picking up the slack and dominating the palate. Where is the brine? Where are the spices? I just feel a little more wood oils from a more active cask or longer maturation would bring out more flavors. This fails to highlight the pros of a young whisky. It’s drinkable, I guess; just horribly uninspired. MARK: 75/100. Not recommended
42.0 USD per Bottle