Legacy Blended Canadian Whisky

Blended — Canada

3.0 out of 5 stars
Color: A tawny leather brown marks this Canadian blend. Also, the legs are the thinnest I have ever seen, but they do stick to the edge of the glass for a while. Nose: The nose marks a vibrant aroma that demands recognition. It’s surprising, for only being 40% ABV, it stings your nasal cavity if you don’t inhale with your mouth slightly open. Cotton candy notes lead the way with the smell of a craft store following behind. There’s a metallic note that I can’t decide whether I like or not, it reminds me of the smell of my summer job working in a glass and metal framing warehouse. Taste: The palate has it’s sweet corn and buttery notes, but it’s rounded out by some spice as well. There are notes of almond and cashews, and a dry red wine vibe I get too. Finish: The finish is medium to long in length and leaves a dry, tingling mouthfeel with a cherry note. Thoughts: Though it may not be life altering, its a decent Canadian whisky I can get behind. I think their website can use some attention though; the graphics and vibe felt cool, but the site didn’t have any relevant information. (Sorta random, but I thought it was worth mentioning.) Anyways, Buffalo Trace, thanks and keep it up! Sláinte!
2.0 USD per Pour