Scapa Skiren

Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

3.0 out of 5 stars
The nose brings red delicious apples, pears, and light floral properties. Very crisp and bright. Thin mouth coat and the palate brought vanilla, custard, more apples, butter, and the finish was short and dry. Thankfully, there aren’t any off putting notes, but there’s nothing much to set it apart from basic highland or speyside 10 year olds as well. The theme to this dram will be something equally simple, but pleasant. In honor of hoping the Red Sox win this year, let's make it "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. 3.0. Thanks for the sample @Scott_E !
  • Scott_E

    @Telex Good to see you posting. Spot on review. A good dram that is overpriced by $25. I would have a Scapa around, but I just can’t justify the (personal) cost.

  • Telex

    Sorry it took so long to post this one. With all the changes on Distiller, it's made it harder to update over the phone.