Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

3.75 out of 5 stars
Color - copper brown. A quick swirl shows sparse legs in the glass Nose - maple syrup, vanilla, varnished oak Palate - maple, caramel and baking spices, with a fairly rich mouthfeel for the proof. Finish - pretty quick, some lingering spice but more subdued than I usually get from OF A few drops of water muted the maple/oak on the nose but brought out a hint of dark stone fruit and more vanilla. On the palate, the water brought out more sweetness, with the caramel coming to the front and lingering a bit on the finish. I liked this both ways, although I think the nose was better neat. I'm not really a huge OF fan. I like Statesmen and 1920 OK, but not nearly as much as other brands. To me this 1910 is a bit darker/richer, with the spice softened a bit compared to other OF expressions. For me that's a good thing. People who love 1920 probably won't like it as much due to its lower proof and lacking that bright/spicy character.
51.0 USD per Bottle
  • BDanner

    I’m not a fan of OF in the least, but this one intrigues me. The finishing in barrels charred to the point of disintegration has got to have a profound effect. Nice review!

  • jsk

    @dubz480 I only tried the 1897 once, but from what I recall it was the typical OF flavor profile, only not as concentrated as 1920. The 1910 is really quite different. The nose alone makes it a winner, although I can't help but wonder what it would be like at a slightly higher proof.

  • dubz480

    Great review! I am interested to try this one myself! Love 1920. 1897 is ok. So am hoping this one is better than that one.