Monkey Shoulder Smokey Monkey

Blended Malt — Scotland

3.25 out of 5 stars
While I regularly enjoy the ‘regular’ Monkey Shoulder, I never had the opportunity to try and taste the smokier version of it. Being only released to bars and hotels (to be served basically in cocktails and mixers, but also on it’s own), it’s not very widespread available. Unofficially it’s a triple malt blend of The Balvenie, Glendfiddich and Aisla Bay, but that isn’t confirmed. I’ve been able to purchase a bottle now, and was pretty eager to sample it. On the nose I got some medicinal peaty notes, that come back on the palate, but it then quickly reveals some sweetness. Stone fruits, but also liquorice. Some breathing may remedy the initial medicinal taste, though. Then, on the aftertaste, I really enjoyed the soft, sweet, smokeyness. Knowing the original Monkey Shoulder, expectations were actually rather high for this one, but it didn’t disappoint. I rate it 3.25!
34.0 EUR per Bottle