Longrow Red 11 Year Cabernet Sauvignon Finish

Peated Single Malt — Campbeltown, Scotland

3.25 out of 5 stars
Had a pour of this over the weekend while watching Mowgli on Netflix with the kids. Should’ve had something stronger...the damn snake Kaa kept my 6 yr old waking up through the night with nightmares. I never understood Jungle Book. Read it as a kid back in the 5th grade, and in retrospect now, I’m thinking Kipling must’ve been sky high on something. Mowgli wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds with those wolves and that gimpy spiteful tiger. And why would he have a loincloth around his private parts? Shouldn’t he be buck nekkid like his wolf brothers? Anyhow...this pour, which I bought as a TWE sample, is interesting. The wine is not integrated well at all into the whisky. Feels like having a sooty Cambeltown whisky followed by a shot of red wine. A bit testy on the tongue, with the tannins still there from the wine. Glad I bought a sample...not sure it’s to my liking for a premium on these bottles. Note to self: don’t buy Longrow Red without trying samples first. And don’t let a 6 yr old watch movies with murderous tigers, kidnapping monkeys, and psychotic hyenas.
  • Soba45

    Congrats on your award! Not sure what we are getting..my wife just rolled her eyes when I told her. I might use the trophy to store my pickled liver :-)

  • PBMichiganWolverine

    @Richard-ModernDrinking oh and I found a loophole in the Home Whisky Excise tax ( otherwise known as “ wife is making me pay 400% of the whisky price into 529s and mortgage premiums “ ). If I don’t use new money, tax doesn’t apply. So, I’m selling bottles and using those monies to buy new bottles

  • Soba45

    @Richard-ModernDrinking It's a hard job but we are willing to make the sacrifice :-)

  • Richard-ModernDrinking

    What’s this talk of buying samples and/or bottles? I thought you were leaving everything for the rest of us to buy in future.

  • Soba45

    Good review:-). Yeah I feel the same about these. They are mostly all pretty decent but only one I really liked a lot.