Famous Grouse

Blended — Scotland

Tasted December 17, 2018
2.25 out of 5 stars
Been meaning to try this for quite some time. Poured neat, nose is soft buttery malt, light apple and peach with some gentle smoke and wood. Pretty enticing for a blend. Soft mouthfeel brings palate of mild malt, honey, faint vanilla and fruit with semi-sweet chocolate, oak and a heavy dose of graininess. Its a little thin in flavor with the grain harshness but still has a roundness to it. Finishes with some slight bitter wood/chocolate notes and fading honey malt. There is a wispy smoke running through the background all the way. Overall it lacks depth but it has a soft subtle balance to it that enhances the experience. Not great but far from bad its a decent blend. Serviceable as a mixer(makes a good gunslinger) or straight up. Most likely would not repurchase as there are better blends for less or slightly more and affordable single malts crush it.