MB Roland Still and Barrel Proof Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

1.0 out of 5 stars
NOSE... Pistachios and herbs FLAVOR is sweet, rich with mint and other herbal and floral highlights. While it's herbal it's not full of richness, and doesn't have a lasting finish, especially for having a higher proof. Has an almost tobacco type of nature to it's flavor, like I'm doing a chew or dip. COLOR is akin to a copper penny OVERALL it's just ok to me. Like an herbal gin that could have used more time in the barrel. If I were more into Scotch I'd likely be a bit more drawn to this but unfortunately I'm just not. Wouldn't buy it again, nor could I recommend it. ........ trying it again and well, it's still a whiskey that tastes every bit as immature as it's 2 year old supposed age statement. I'm obviously not privy to the actual age but it's tasting every bit as young as I've heard mentioned. Just not good, reminds of all the whiskey or bourbon I've tried that's aged at warp speed..
50.0 USD per Bottle
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