Deanston 18 Year

Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

3.5 out of 5 stars
the first offering (and only to date) from Deanson that i had the pleasure of tasting. Its price back then (58€ on MofM) made me go for it. Do i regret it? not at all, since it is a perfect pour for warmer evenings when you need a good dram. Would i buy it again? at that price, most definitely, especially since Deanston afficionados kept saying how better the new core range (the white labels, not that brown one depicted on Distiller, that happens to be the one i bought) has become. However, for 80 euros, i could buy an Aultmore 18 or a Craigellachie 17, two easy sippers that i tend to favour over this one.