Nose: It’s got this yeasty dough thing going on at first, but then the cocktail peanuts, sweet corn, and coconut step up. For me, after a couple minutes of getting used to the nose, Arizona’s Honey Green Tea came on strong. In no way is this off putting or reminiscent of anything crappy. Considering I picked this up for $9.99, I was happily surprised. Palate: Palate is a little thin, but there is absolutely no burn at 90 proof. You can tell this is some young stuff. All the flavors kind of remind me of a beer mash. However, you get some good nuttiness. There is also a cool sparkly and fizzy feel. Finish: Creamy coconut on the tail end, but quite a short finish. There isn’t much to write home about. But, you’re talking about a $10.00 bourbon here. You can’t complain, and it out performs its price point for sure. I feel very strongly this is from Heaven Hill, and no wonder I like it. Solid outing for Luxco.