John J Bowman Single Barrel Bourbon

Bourbon — Virginia, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
I have felt like this is a real sleeper bottle. It sits on shelves everywhere despite having tasting notes very similar to Buffalo Trace's Mash Bill #2. Which is amazing since it is made using Buffalo Trace's Mash Bill #1 distillate. Maybe I have had luck with good barrels but in blind tastings of BT MB#2 products I snuck this in and it almost always ends up being rated above Blantons and Elmer T. Lee and falling short of Rock Hill Farms (every other MB#2 product does in my opinion). With all MB#2 products being nearly impossible to get in my area I have found myself happy to always see this on the shelf. At $50 it is pretty steep, if I could get it for $40 it would always have a place in my collection.
49.99 USD per Bottle