Jimmy's Texas Bourbon

Bourbon — Texas, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
Got a bottle of this as a recommendation from a worker at a local liquor store while on a recent work trip. Wanted to try something local and told him I was a fan of sherry cask scotches but was also a fan of bourbon. Story he gave me was that this was from a winery that hit a spring while digging a new well and it bloomed into them making spirits. They then made this bourbon and finished it in their own port wine barrels. That being said, the port is definitely there but not so overpowering that you can’t tell it’s a bourbon either. I can definitely get the classic vanilla, caramel and fresh oak in both the nose and palate with the added touch of the fruits of the port wine. I personally think it is a light and refreshing twist to a traditional bourbon. I think the worker nailed it with this recommendation. This is like how a sherry bomb is to scotch but a port bomb bourbon, if that is such a thing. If it’s not, it is now. I’m a happy customer for sure!
44.0 USD per Bottle
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