The Real McCoy 5 Year Rum

Aged Rum — Barbados

2.5 out of 5 stars
I recall this being kinda harsh, too young, and bitter. However I absolutely love the 12 year version which is way sweeter and delicious. Seems distiller dropped the ball on these could the 5year be 90points and the 12 yr be 87??? Honestly I wouldnt even give the 5 yr that high considering Doorly’s XO is an 88.
  • Rumplesmoothskin

    Thanks for the comment fool! I know there is no sugar added like all Foursquare products and I prefer those kinds of rum. I agree with statement about sweetness and smoothness however those are 2 things that I personally prefer in my spirits. I will have to recoait the 5yr version and give it some more time? Have you tried any Doorly’s? Their 5 yr is fantastic. Cheers!

  • fool

    Sweetness and smoothness are not the only ways to judge rum or any spirit. This has no added sugar and is a wonderfully complex rum for the price.