Jim Beam Distiller's Cut

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

3.75 out of 5 stars
im Beam Distillers Cut is supposed to be a limited edition but I still see it on the shelves. This one clocks in at 100 proof and runs about 23 bucks. If you like the Jim Beam signature flavor you will definitely enjoy this as it is turned up a few notches. The color is a nice amber. The aroma is caramel, brown sugar, vanilla, spices, and oak. The tastes is the same as the aroma to me. The finish is medium to long with a spiciness and vanilla. I know this is not a bottled in bond but it sure could be one being a 5 year age and 100 proof. I liked this so much a put a few bottles in my bunker.
24.0 USD per Bottle
  • BeppeCovfefe

    It is a limited release, but that doesn't mean it's a small batch, of course small batch doesn't mean it's a small batch either. Agree it's a BiB quality Beam product and a value price bottle.