Jim Beam Distiller's Cut


Jim Beam // Kentucky, USA

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This limited edition offering was personally selected by Fred Noe, Jim Beam's seventh generation master distiller. The bourbon is aged for 5-6 years in new, charred American oak, but the whiskey is non chill-filtered. This step is typically done prior to bottling and skipping it will result in a fuller taste profile. The bourbon is bottled at 100 proof. Available beginning November 2017 nationwide.

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  • Bourbon
    Produced anywhere in USA; Mash bill of at least 51% corn; aged in new, charred oak containers.
  • Cask Type
    new, charred American oak

Tasting Notes

"Jim Beam's new Distiller's Cut is a gem of an affordable bourbon. At 100-proof and bottled without chill filtering, it's full-bodied and flavorful. The taste profile is classic bourbon: vanilla, leather, a touch of smoke from charred oak, and an enjoyable bit of black pepper spice that lingers on the finish. It's a straight-ahead whiskey that can serve just as well sipped neat as it does in cocktails, and it's a fantastic value for the price."

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Flavor Profile

Full Bodied & Rich