Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.25 out of 5 stars
Tasting the store pick "Blackout" from the Rural Inn in Indianapolis. N: sweet, caramel and maple syrup, hints of raspberry and rye...almost like a spicy Capri-sun???, herbal notes of honeysuckle and mint. A few drops of water brings out malt and cocoa P: very woody - fresh oak, and walnuts, dark chocolate and cinnamon mid palate with hints of mint throughout. F: hotter than expected, but bitter chocolate and wood notes linger with pepper flavors that last a loooooooong time. This one lingers! Very interesting, complex flavors. Not for casual drinking unless diluted slightly or in a cocktail. But a wonderful flavor profile and a finish lasting for ever.
65.0 USD per Bottle
Rural Inn