Compass Box Asyla

Blended — Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
Fancy, elegant and gentle. Pure example of how all the blended whiskies should be done. To the nose: peanut or even a peanut butter, nutshell, vanilla, light and sweet cream, anise, apples, halva and fudge. Perfume-alike. On a palate: very rich and very sweet, “tasty”, vanilla again, honey or a honey cake, some nuts, coconut, a little bit of tropical fruits on the background. It’s light and gentle with a clear note of a creamy strudel cake with a castor sugar as a topping. Finish is really smooth, delicate, evenly broadening in all directions. A bit watery and sweet with a spicy note. Some tropical fruits again along with a fresh floral/grassy theme. If judging by the first impression it might not seem extraordinary. It’s not blazing all the guns all over right from the start but it evenly expresses its unique form in right proportion during the further exploring. It seems to be kinda modest or tense at first sight but then it reveals its rich, creamy and elegant nature in an intelligent way maintaining the balance all the way through with dignity. Asyla is precisely acknowledged with its strong sides and it is able to impress you in various ways. This is what makes it so special.
53.0 EUR per Bottle