Maker's Mark Cask Strength

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.5 out of 5 stars
Batch 18-02, at 55.45% ABV. The bottle has been open about 45 days, and is roughly 3/4 empty. This taste is from a glencairn, after resting for 20 minutes. The nose starts as expected, opening with vanilla and leading to a newly-cut field of hay containing a large stand of fresh honeysuckle, before throwing a curveball in the form of Play-Doh and a dash of grape bubblicious. Palate is sweeter than my previous bottle, and the mouthfeel is quite a bit heavier, bordering on creamy. It doesn't drink at 55%, displaying vanilla, creme-brulee, honey, and soft caramel. Think Werther's original in a liquid form. The cardamom finally makes an appearance mid-way through, and when the cinnamon arrives right afterward, it plays a supporting role to the much softer, less in-your-face, cast. There's also a very interesting thread reminiscent of English breakfast tea running throughout the whole sip, tying everything together before fading in the close. And the close is where we finally find a bit of astringency and wood; but it's far from objectionable, working well to balance the sweetness and spice with just enough dryness to make it not cloying. Finish is nice and clean, albeit slightly short, with the caramel lingering before the breakfast tea reappears to dry the mouth in preparation for the next sip. This was a night and day difference from my last bottle, and one that I'll probably buy again in the future.
48.0 USD per Bottle
  • Ctrexman

    Sounds delicious...........on the try soon list