Wild Turkey Master's Keep Revival

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

3.25 out of 5 stars
Hands down the best thing Wild Turkey has done. Nose - cherry, vanilla, oak, bready, jam, pie crust. It might have a touch of medicinal note as well though i see that as more a jam thing. taste - opens sweet and fruity with jams and dark fruits. then shifts to a nutty almost beam like nut. then it shifts back and gives me that wild turkey oaky finish. This bottle has been open about 8 months and is just below the halfway point. It's just great bourbon. It's not exceptional, it's only 13 years, and wild turkey really isn't a premium bourbon brand imo. Still, the sherry finish really hides some of wild turkey's cheaper flavor points. I'd get another bottle at the 130 range but I think that ship has sailed. If you like sherry bourbon this is a must get even at the premium pricing. If sherry bourbon isn't your thing BUT this price point is in your wheel house and you're not against sherry notes in your bourbon, I'd consider this one as well.
130.0 USD per Bottle