Ransom Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin — Oregon, USA

3.5 out of 5 stars
Color: amber and clear, like a young Whiskey. Nose: this is definitely Gin. Juniper and citrus abound, but there is also a sweetness that sneaks through. First sip: sweet yet juniper, citrus, and a little malty. Finish: a little sharp neat (like most Gins), but clean when diluted or mixed, with a lingering maltiness and floral undertones. Very different and yet still definitely a Gin. Certainly does not lack flavor; the malty sweetness lets it shine through in any cocktail, while the Gin backbone also doesn't fade into nothing with dilution. Overall, this may take some time to get use to with the stronger flavor profiles, figuring out exactly how to use it in cocktails, but I don't dislike it either
36.99 USD per Bottle