Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition Style Rye

Rye — Kentucky, USA

2.25 out of 5 stars
It's budget week, so let's review this entry-level bottling from Jim Beam. The nose is fairly tame for a rye, in fact it appears more like a rye-heavy bourbon. Intense sweetness, cinnamon and furniture polish mash up with fresh oak, orange jam and hints of licorice. Simple but pleasant, I would say. Almost like the gates of hell opening, the palate is hot, burning and merciless. Turpentine, fermented apples and a clash of sweet and spicy notes lead into a woody and thankfully short finish. Probably a suitable bottle for Manhattan cocktails, but not the Glencairn. RATING: 2.2/5.0 stars ≙ 65 pts → POOR [+]
17.0 EUR per Bottle
  • Soba45

    @Slainte-Mhath No but I think my stomach is getting an ulcer my liver is failing so I'm a lot more choosy these days..haha

  • Slainte-Mhath

    @Soba45 I am not afraid to taste anything, regardless of the quality. Every malt (okay, almost every malt) has something to offer, be it as a mixer or in a nosing glass. We do not want to become a malt snob, do we?

  • Soba45

    Should we start a collection going to keep you in the better stuff? I feel bad you have been reduced to drinking this..haha :-). I'm also interested in the cocktail suggestion...i haven't tried top make one yet

  • Slainte-Mhath

    Out of curiosity, is there anyone drinking whisk(e)y cocktails, and if so, what do you recommend?

  • Slainte-Mhath

    Disclaimer: This review is for the 80 proof / 40% ABV version. I am not sure if the US version is any better.