Octomore Masterclass 08.4/170 Virgin Oak

Peated Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

4.25 out of 5 stars
Nose: Immersive, rich enfolding peat-reek. Very sweet in character with camp-fire spit-roast pig. There's also a malted note and warm baking spices. With dilution soft honeyed notes emerge to flirt with a floral fragrance. Formidable! Palate: An explosively sweet and leathery arrival that segues into honeyed oak, leather and coconut. Very intense and confrontational. The texture is oddly neutral - not oily, not creamy, not thin, just sort of "right there". A clove and herbal-heathery note arises in the late development and some sea-spray brine and iodine notes show up towards the finish, together with some sweetness. With dilution everything takes a holiday in honey-town. Finish: Long. Peated fruity notes dangle into a slow sweet aftertaste that has hints of spices, licorice and coconut. What a big whisky! Larger than I was expecting. Smoke and caramel candy loom large in this profile, and it's a fun-fair ride! Just when you think you have its measure, something else comes along to command the centre stage. There is a somewhat intrusive vinyl-plastic note that interrupts the palate, but it's fairly ignorable as long as you can cope with what is a particularly ballsy whisky. It's not my favourite Octomore (but then, even my least favourite rates 3.5). Now, MARK MY WORDS - this whisky is as tight as a fish's arse and you can't fully appreciate it neat. Have a neat sip first but then for the love of all that is holy and good in the universe ADD SOME WATER. Take it down to around the mid 40% mark and suddenly it will all come into focus and expand in every dimension. The nose, the palate - everything instantly makes sense and you will fall in love with it and become an Octomore fangrrl/fanboi. A cracking good whisky, a cracking good Octomore. "Very Good" : 4.25 stars
269.0 AUD per Bottle
  • Ctrexman

    but I will need to check Seven Grand out

  • Ctrexman

    nice! thanks........i prefer to buy full bottle as I need several sessions to sort most real good whiskey out

  • WhiskeyLonghorn

    @Ctrexman I’ve seen it a few places in Austin. A few of the Twin Liquors locations will get a bottle now and then, and you can special order stuff from Austin Shaker or Austin Wine Merchant. The Seven Grand bar downtown has over 300+ bottles on the wall and they have the full octomore range.

  • Ctrexman

    I really want to try Octomore.........any edition, have not seen it yet

  • Rick_M

    I think a crazy Russian has hacked into @cascode ‘s Distiller account. :)