Corralejo Añejo Tequila

Tequila Añejo — Guanajuato, Mexico

3.75 out of 5 stars
Rounding out my reviews of the core trio of tequila offerings from Corralejo is this review for Correlejo Añejo Tequila. I previously reviewed both their Blanco and Reposado offerings so feel free to refer back to those for comparison and contrast. Corralejo Añejo is aged for 12 months in charred oak. I think it’s currently aged in American oak, but it may have been previously produced by resting in French oak. Nose: Deep, rich, and more mellow in a refined way. The chalky minerality present in the Blanco and Reposado takes the backseat here and more smoke and sweet fruits come through. Toasted marshmallows, amber agave, vanilla bean, orange cream, and ghee. This is another dram you should give time to fully reveal itself. Palate: Medium-bodied, oily, and creamy. Smoky vanilla and amber agave sweetness with the charred oak more prominent and the earthy minerality more subdued. Strong flavors reminiscent of orange dreamsicle popsicles and pink pepper spice. A very tasty combo. Finish: Moderately long, with soft, rounded oak tannins, lightly smoked oranges, mild spice, and vanilla bean fading away. Delicious, smooth, and elegant. At $31.99, this is another excellent VFM bottle. I would rank this in the middle of the Corralejo pack, with the Reposado being a step above and an excellent balance of complexity and value, and the Blanco (although still very good) just being a step below the Añejo. The nose on the Blanco is phenomenal, but the slight under-delivery on the palate leaves you wanting more. All in all, a solid trio of tequilas from Corralejo, particularly if you enjoy those with a more prominent mineral profile. 3.75 ~ 86 ~ Good
32.0 USD per Bottle