Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year

Peated Blended Malt — Scotland

4.25 out of 5 stars
I had reviewed this some time back before it was briefly discontinued. It was a great pour then; maybe the best of the standard lineup. A pure malt which makes this somewhat unique in the JW lineup of blends. Has time changed my taste? Is this as good as I last tasted? The nose takes some time to open, and when it does, a gives forth a variety of aromas. A subtle sweet peat nose with an earthiness: hay, earthen minerals. Maritime brine, iodine, leather, lemon oil, barley sugar, apricots, honey, and caramel. Quite pleasant. A medium bodied spirit that arrives with a Talisker pepper spice. It begins to develop into a sweeter dram with honey, vanilla. The spiciness pushes forward again but with ground cinnamon, nutmeg and gingerbread. As it fades, wood notes make a their presence. A strong finale which lingers forever. Wood spice, orange cream, vanilla and dark chocolate and charcoal. This (still) holds it’s own is just flat out good. Complex yet approachable. Sweet yet spicy. Most whiskies have the great nose, but through the progression, diminishes through the course and finish flat. This stays consistent and one could arguably claim the finish is the best part of the experience. I will always have a place on my shelf for Johnnie Walker as this was the brand (Black Label) that was the only whisky I drank (in my youth). Green however, is just on a level above many. What makes even better is you can find this under $55. On sales here locally, I grabbed it at $45. Seek it, sip it and enjoy it. [Re-tasted: 12/20:19][92/100][$45]
45.0 USD per Bottle
  • Ctrexman

    See this for around $60 and have considered but so many single malts still to try at that range

  • Whiskey_Hound

    @Scott_E Great review! I can only imagine how good this was when it still had Lagavulin in it

  • jonwilkinson7309

    Thanks for a great review! JW has turned me off with their lower end offerings, but apparently I need to give this one a shot!

  • Scott_E

    @BeppeCovfefe simply stated, pure/blend malt is a mix of two or more single malts (from different distilleries). Blended whisky is a mix of two or more single malts with a blend of grain whisky, if that makes sense. So Green is a pure malt, no grain whisky added.

  • BeppeCovfefe

    The green label is a "cheap" deal for a '15 year. I was under the impression all JW was malt, as in blended, so "pure" doesn't mean anything different does it?

  • Scott_E

    @Benji-Robert I believe I have a little bit left of the old and if I do, I will do side by side and amend the notes. I have the older review from that era, however that was my less experienced review.

  • Benji-Robert

    black to pound green to sip (old, discontinued, 18yr) Gold for special occasions. I've seen a poke or two online saying "old green was better" and I'll say it is accurate in some sense, but subjectivity and personal inclination could overcome the 'better' descriptor. They are both top-notch booze, but do differ ever so slightly. always the contrarion; I liked my 2nd bottle or new green more than the 1 of old green I have had to compare.

  • SpartaTodd

    I was really surprised by how good it was. It’s no-brainer at the price considering what is in it and it’s 15 years minimum age. Just Wow. Tremendous value!

  • 1901

    Nice review. You and @SpartaTodd are whetting my appetite for this...