Plantation Original Dark Rum

Dark Rum — Trinidad & Tobago

4.25 out of 5 stars
I only have limited experience with rums, but of the four dozen or so I have had, this must be one of the most enjoyable to drink neat---have never mixed it. You MUST check out their web site, it is one of the most straight forward and honest ones I have ever seen. For example, they tell you this is a blend of Barbados twin column and pot still molasses rum fermented for 72 hours; and Jamaica molasses rum, fermented tor 2 weeks, and than pot distilled. The Barbados is aged for 1-3 years, and the Jamaican is aged for 10-15 years. Then the two are shipped to France, and then blended together in a Cognac vat for 3-6 months. Then they are bottled for us. The site even clearly states that a sugar dosage of 15g/L is added, as well as up to .1% caramel coloring when needed to maintain consistent batch coloring. Wow! When was the last time you saw that much clarity on a liquor site other than Compass Box? For the tasting, it pours a bright amber neat, the only way I have ever tried it. I consider this a dessert drink because of the sugar dosage, but the sweet level is not overbearing. You know you are drinking rum, but there is not that heavy brown sugar/molasses stereotypical flavor evident at all. There is a slight hint of molasses, golden raisins (Cognac influence?), baked fruit, apricot mixed with banana perhaps, a very slight peppery spice, and a gentle dessert sweetness throughout as I let it roll around in my mouth for 30-45 seconds. I know I have tried only a few dozen of the many hundreds of rums on the market, but this is one of the most pleasurable rums I have experienced just to sit and simply sip neat. As a bonus, it is readily available in the $15-$20n ran
18.0 USD per Bottle