Gooderham & Worts Four Grain Canadian Whisky

Canadian — Ontario, Canada

4.5 out of 5 stars
This is an amazing whiskey, one of the few best I have tasted. It is very atypical, both complex and very easy to enjoy. Interestingly perceptible influence of the wheat, the corn and the rye with a perfect balance. a delicious, profond, suprising whisky. Nose: Dried and slightly dusty cereals, raisins macerating in spiced rum, crème brûlée crust, cherries, a lot of sweetness. Very rich, complex and powerful. Palate: Very aromatic, an explosion of flavours. A lot of what was in the nose comes back on the palate. Very sweet and pleasantly liquorous. Very refined taste. Brown sugar, some blackberry fruit paste. The colour brown comes to mind when I have this in my mouth. Finish: Medium length. More woodiness, a lot drier than before but still a good sweetness. A return of the raisins in rum. Price/quality is absolutely insane, +0.5 for that. You absolutely need to taste this.
45.0 CAD per Bottle