Baker's Single Barrel Bourbon 13 Year

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

5.0 out of 5 stars
Nose - Caramel, vanilla, oak, cinnamon, and red apple. That beam peanut note is lurking in the background, but it's subtle. The nose is not hot at all. Palate - First sip is thick and rich. Caramel, oak, vanilla, cinnamon and baking spices are the main players. The finish is long and rich, with brown sugar sweetness and oak spices lingering on the back palate. There's no alcohol burn at all, just a pleasant warmth. The intensity of the flavors and length of the finish is especially impressive given that this isn't a cask-strength bourbon. This limited release is a home run for Beam. The flavors are great, and not just your typical Beam/Booker's profile but something unique. I think the 107 proof works well and creates a really balanced whiskey that lets the flavors shine through. It's also a relative bargain compared to most other limited edition releases.
99.0 USD per Bottle
  • Whiskey_Hound

    @jsk That stuff will always be available in some capacity... this however might be one of a kind. Great grab!

  • jsk

    @Whiskey_Hound yeah I got this in a store raffle for $99, by the time my number came up the BTAC/Van Winkle stuff was all gone but honestly I'm not disappointed.

  • Whiskey_Hound

    Couldn't agree more. I had the chance to buy this for $80 and passed, not realizing it was a limited release. By the time I could track it down, the best I could do was $150. Yet, as you point out, this is a bargain for one-off bourbon releases. And it's absolutely phenomenal juice. Glad they're giving the Baker's line some shine, which I think is severely underrated.Nicely reviewed!