Ardmore Traditional Cask

Peated Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
Bottled 2008. Here’s a bottle from back when NAS bottlings had something to prove, and there were many examples that provided excellent value for money. That was during the time of the industry’s hook. We are now in the time of the line and sinker. Ardmore does not have a fan base of collectors, so the Traditional Cask can still be found gathering dust on a few shelves. Don’t confuse this with their current release, Ardmore Tradition, which is trash. This Ardmore is like a less maritime, fruitier Talisker 10. Fruity liquorice, honey, dark chocolate, and a unique smokiness that does not exist in today’s NAS releases. The smoke is haunting – soft and delicate, but mouthcoating with honey and barbequed meats. What I don’t like is the sulfur fire from the sherry casks they used. But, this is nonetheless a very good whisky for the price, and I am replacing this bottle if I can find it again. Score: * (unforgettably good) How much does a bottle cost: $35-60 (discontinued) How much do I think a bottle is worth: $60
57.0 USD per Bottle
  • Slainte-Mhath

    @ScotchingHard Haha, that actually happened to me. I have bought the Tradition, thinking it was Traditional Cask. Gave it away as a gift, sourced 'real' Traditional Cask, and hope to pop the cork one day. There are just too many unopened bottles waiting in line...