Big Peat 10 Year

Peated Blended Malt — Islay, Scotland

Tasted January 25, 2020
4.25 out of 5 stars
The smell is of gentle peat, suspended between the herbaceous and the smoky with a hint of fleshiness. Cloves, cinnamon, licorice, with a strong bottom of marine salinity. Very balanced and harmonious. The peaty and oily profile also dominates the palate, but always in a non-aggressive way, closely embraced by the salty and herbaceous hints, which even express a certain freshness. Still licorice and cinnamon, to which are added a pinch of orange and vanilla together with a splash of pepper. On the length, the peat becomes more ashy and the salinity becomes clearer, with an overall sensation of smoked algae. Wood in the background. Medium-long and slightly dry finish, of smoked wood, salt and licorice.