Auchentoshan Solera

Single Malt — Lowlands, Scotland

4.5 out of 5 stars
Wow, what a surprise. Let me start by telling you that i have felt usually dissapointed by Auchentoshan in various occasions, and it even gave me the feeling that "no lowland is good whisky", but today i am reborn in Lowland because of this great dram, who reminded me of Glendronach. Auchentoshan Solera is a $160ish expression that has been finished in Pedro Ximenez sherey casks (i did not knew this before drinking it), and it has been bottled at 48%abv. It has a very beautiful deep copper color. On the nose, this is as perfect as a whisky can be: Old blackberries, Old grapes, Coffee, Refined tofee. Superb aroma, best i have had in any auchentoshan. Lemon. A very very dim burnt grass. The prunes notes on this are something else. Grapefruit. Everything feels like old: Old library, Old caramel; After first sip the chocolate powder and milk chocolate explodes. This is amazing. Almonds, Toblerone; Orange chocolate. 25 out of 25 here. And it should get extra points. On the palate, it is a little watery, but manages to get the job done. Sherriness is present. Oak spice. Reminds me too much of glendronach 21 because Chocolate and old sherriness is everywhere. Aftertaste takes the game back to its peak, with a slightly bitter, complex finish. Chocolate powder; Some super pleasant spiciness, Sawdust, Ginger. Feels Very thick. Clean tobacco. Overall this is an spectacular whisky. It only geta 92 over 100 due to the palate been too watery, but it surely feels like more. If you can find it, grab it. Sláinte mhath!