13th Colony Southern Corn Whiskey

Corn — Georgia, USA

3.5 out of 5 stars
My Dad introduced me to this whiskey and it is nice. First, it is made in Americus, GA and being from another small town in GA I wanted to try what they were making. The liquid inside is a real corn whiskey and it took a little getting used to and this was my first all corn whiskey. It is sweet and smooth with some burn going down my throat. The only real complaint with this whiskey is that the taste is shallow. With many Bourbons, I have tasted the flavor moves and changes in my mouth and different tastes come up. With this corn whiskey, it is sweet and somewhat mellow but no change of any kind. Again this is my first corn whiskey and this may be how they are. This is not a deep whiskey but at the same time, it is not a cheap thin spined drink either. So I am going to revisit this whiskey in a few months and see if the whiskey or I have changed our views.
30.0 USD per Bottle