Jack Daniel's Rested Tennessee Rye

Rye — Tennessee, USA

4.25 out of 5 stars
I was going to wait until I learned more about spirits before I wrote this review but this is such a special Rye whiskey to me that I really wanted to share it. Jack Daniel's Rested Rye is one of the best drinks I have ever tasted but with a small caveat, I do not think it is worth the price listed. I bought this because the bottle looked cool and I needed a Rye to fill out my bar. When I saw this it was $20 and the regular JD Rye was $25 and this had a cool bottle so I took a chance. After tasting this my friends and I went back to the store and bought all that they had. It is hard to describe with the whiskey vocabulary I have now but this is the finest Rye I have ever had. Please forgive the words or phrases I use to describe this because like I said I am very new to this. the nose is wonderful it is sweet and spicey like a homemade dessert about to be served, like real banana pudding with toasted meringue but with something, spicey sprinkled over the top. Or fresh pineapple roasted over charcoal with chili powder sprinkled on it. The charcoal is very soft and is a mere aftertaste but the spicey middle leaves wonderful as the taste in your mouth like during a great meal where the flavors roll one after another. The finish is soft and smooth with lingering spice and some warmth. Now for the bad news, it is not worth the listed price it is not a $60 bottle also if you want BOLD rye then you will not like this. It is subtle and soft and can be washed out with water or ice. It does make a solid Old Fashioned but you can not go heavy on the bitters or the flavor will be off. In my opinion, this could be a little stronger maybe 90 proof but for a sipping drink, this is amazing. While I speak very positively I drink this with a thimble-sized glass to make it go further. My everyday Rye whiskey is either Bulleit Rye or JD Rye they are higher proof and they are everywhere, but if I find this out on a clearance rack I will buy this again and if you find it for around $20 please try it you will be pleasantly surprised.
50.0 USD per Bottle